Feedback for The Clinic, either specifically related to the Terms & Conditions outlined or in general can be sent to

6.1 The Clinic endeavours to treat all Clients appropriately, compassionately, honestly, ethically, and fairly.

6.2 If there is any dissatisfaction relating to a Medical Procedure or service provision, there is entitlement of any individual to lodge a complaint, either in person, by telephone, or in writing.

6.3 Complaints of a non-clinical nature will be handled in their entirety by a non-medically qualified member of The Clinic team.

6.4 If a complaint is related to a Medical Procedure, the matter will be discussed with the relevant member of The Clinic medical team (Medical Professional and/or Clinical Professional) and may require a Patient to attend The Clinic for further Medical Consultation(s) (either with the original member of The Clinic medical team (Medical Professional and/or Clinical Professional), an alternative member of The Clinic’s medical team (including the Medical Director), or a third-party expert).

6.5 The Clinic will endeavour to respond to any complaint with a full written response within 20 working days.

If a further escalation of a complaint if necessary, and there is still dissatisfaction surrounding the complaint following initial discussion with The Clinic, a third party, non-biased medical expert will be called in to resolve this ethically and fairly.

The Clinic will endeavour to respond to any and all feedback provided in an appropriate, measured and timely manner.

The Clinic adopts a zero-tolerance policy with regards to any rude or confrontational behaviour. If clients are found to be in breach of any policy’s adopted by RKB Aesthetics, The Clinic reserves the right to close client’s accounts/medical records at RKB Aesthetics and kindly ask that you seek an alternative provider.