Watch now to find out more about the intricate and sensitive world of Aesthetics, the Beauty industry, discussion around Fillers and a Medical stance from our own Dr Rory who recently featured as a guest on Ty Temel’s fascinating Podcast, ‘Off Script’.

There’s a rise in mental health and self-esteem issues, particularly among the youngest generations – is the aesthetics industry exacerbating the problem or part of the solution? Dr Rory Boud’s extensive experience, training and firm moral compass allow him to safely help clients with confidence, having founded RKB Aesthetics in 2014. Such integrity makes him a perfect person to consider whether the wider industry upholds the same standards…

Dr Rory Boud was asked to feature as a guest by Ty Temel, creator of ‘Off Script’ to share insight and knowledge into the complex and sensitive world of Aesthetics.

0:00 – Intro 01:50 – Rory’s journey into the Aesthetic Industry 10:01 – Medical weight loss 17:47 – What is your most popular treatment? 20:44 – Beauticians administering cosmetic procedures from garden sheds 27:31 – Jawline filler 30:13 – The metrics of beauty 34:02 – The riskiest treatment: tear trough filler 41:37 – Mental health, self-esteem & social media 47:47 – Should we be having botox earlier? 53:07 – Free reign on Ty This episode covers:

• The aesthetic industry’s role in mental wellbeing, for better or for worse

• Science behind what makes someone universally attractive

• The weirdest treatments and riskiest procedures

• Revolutionary new methods of medical weight loss

• Balancing commercial and moral obligations as an aesthetician

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