RKB Aesthetics Terms & Conditions

Set out below are the Terms and Conditions upon which RKB Aesthetics (referred to as ‘The Clinic’) conduct operations and provide services to Clients and Patients.

Please ensure that these Terms and Conditions are read, acknowledged, and understood prior to booking or attending any Consultations, Clinical Assessments and/or Treatments.

1. Appointment Booking Fee Policy

1.1 All new Clients to The Clinic are required to undergo a Medical Consultation and/or Clinical Assessment.

1.2 A £36.00 non-refundable payment is required for Consultations and a minimum booking fee of £50.00 is required in order to secure appointments. This is not refunded should you choose not to have treatment and is NOT redeemable towards any future treatments.

1.3 All bookings must be made via the website and booking fees paid at the time of booking, without a booking fee, your booking will not be confirmed. Bookings cannot be made via phone/email/social media.

1.4 Medical Procedures are not always recommended at the first contact with a Patient, or during a preliminary appointment. This is to allow an adequate cooling off/reflection period for prospective Patients, in accordance with good medical practice.

1.5 Medical Procedures may be provided at a preliminary appointment in specific circumstances, and subject to suitability (as assessed by the Medical Professional and/or Clinical Professional).

1.6 Booking fee amounts will be deducted from the total balance of completed Treatments.

1.7 Failure to follow Terms and Conditions may result in cancellation of appointments, reduced appointment durations, or additional charges being incurred.

2. Appointment Policy

2.1 To allow for optimal social distancing, to manage footfall within The Clinic and prevent unnecessary gathering of multiple persons, all Clients are requested to arrive at the time of the scheduled Medical Consultation, Clinical Assessment and/or Treatment

2.2 The Clinic reserves the right to cancel, postpone or rearrange any Medical Consultations, Clinical Assessments and/or Treatments if current Government guidelines relating to the Coronavirus (“COVID-19”) global pandemic are not followed.

2.3 Any late arrivals exceeding 10 minutes of the original appointment time will be counted as a non-arrival and incur 100% of the original booking fee paid. Booking fees cannot be carried over to future appointments should appointments be missed or classed as non-arrivals due to lateness.

3. General Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy

3.1 The Clinic operates a minimum 3 working days cancellation and rescheduling policy.

3.2 Any cancellation, or attempt to reschedule a Medical Consultation, Clinical Assessment and/or Treatment within 3 working days of the appointment time will result in The Clinic retaining 100% of the booking fee.

3.3 Any subsequent Medical Consultation, Clinical Assessment and/or Treatment will require a further Booking Fee to be paid (as per section 1.2).

4. Medical Review Appointments

4.1 Medical review appointments are performed at The Clinic following every first-time Medical Procedure using (prescription only) Botulinum toxin type A.

4.2 Following a first-time Medical Procedure using (prescription only) Botulinum toxin type A, the medical review appointment will be arranged with The Clinic team at the end of the first-time Medical Procedure appointment itself. The ‘touch-up’, must be booked within two weeks of the initial Medical Treatment. Any appointments after the two weeks will be classed as a new treatment and will incur the full cost.

4.3 If there are any concerns regarding the result of any Medical Procedures in which either (prescription only) Botulinum toxin type A or hyaluronic acid based dermal filler products have been used, The Clinic team can be contacted to arrange the medical review appointment.

4.4 Except for exceptional circumstances, medical review appointments will not be offered any sooner than a full 14 days (2 weeks) following the Medical Procedure in which either (prescription only) Botulinum toxin type A or hyaluronic acid based dermal filler products have been used.

4.5 Medical review appointments following a Medical Procedure in which (prescription only) Botulinum toxin type A has been used will have to be completed no later than a full 14 days (2 weeks) from the Medical Procedure appointment itself.

4.6 Failure to attend a medical review appointment within the timeframes outlined in Terms 4.4 and 4.5 will result in The Clinic team being unable to review the previously undertaken Medical Procedures. These timeframes are set based on up-to-date medical evidence and are for the primary purpose of improved Patient safety.

4.7 Additional cost(s) may be incurred at medical review appointments depending on the circumstances, following clinical evaluation, full discussion, consultation, and explanation to each individual Patient.


5.1 Fees paid to The Clinic are charged in exchange for the delivery of a Medical Procedure(s) and the accompanying service(s), which is inclusive of Medical Consultation and Clinical Assessment, provision of information and advice for safe procedures with clinically approved products, and medical review appointments (as outlined in Section 4), aftercare advice and support as appropriate.

5.2 At The Clinic, every care is taken to provide excellent service with factual, honest, and ethical advice.

5.3 Medical Procedures are performed in a safe, regulated and inspected clinical environment.

5.4 The Clinic team are fully trained, and The Clinic medical team (Medical Professional and/or Clinical Professional) are fully insured experts in the field of aesthetic/injectable medicine.

5.5 Industry-leading, evidence-based, clinically approved products are selected for all provided procedures.

5.6 The Clinic is unable to guarantee individual results and without exception cannot offer refunds. This includes if results achieved fail to meet individual Client expectations.


6.1 The Clinic endeavours to treat all Clients appropriately, compassionately, honestly, ethically, and fairly.

6.2 If there is any dissatisfaction relating to a Medical Procedure or service provision, there is entitlement of any individual to lodge a complaint, either in person, by telephone, or in writing.

6.3 Complaints of a non-clinical nature will be handled in their entirety by a non-medically qualified member of The Clinic team.

6.4 If a complaint is related to a Medical Procedure, the matter will be discussed with the relevant member of The Clinic medical team (Medical Professional and/or Clinical Professional) and may require a Patient to attend The Clinic for further Medical Consultation(s) (either with the original member of The Clinic medical team (Medical Professional and/or Clinical Professional), an alternative member of The Clinic’s medical team (including the Medical Director), or a third-party expert).

6.5 The Clinic will endeavour to respond to any complaint with a full written response within 20 working days.

Feedback for The Clinic, either specifically related to the Terms & Conditions outlined above or in general can be sent to rkbaesthetics@gmail.com

The Clinic will endeavour to respond to any and all feedback provided in an appropriate, measured and timely manner.

The Clinic adopts a zero-tolerance policy with regards to any rude or confrontational behaviour. If clients are found to be in breach of any policy’s adopted by RKB Aesthetics, The Clinic reserves the right to close client’s accounts/medical records at RKB Aesthetics and kindly ask that you seek an alternative provider.