What is an APTOS Thread Lift?

Thread lifting is a procedure which involves elevating various parts of the face and body using specially designed threads without having to make incisions as during the conventional face lift.

Dr Rory is a lead trainer for APTOS Global and carefully selects only the best threads from APTOS which were developed by Russian Plastic Surgeon, Dr Marlen Sulamanidze, who was one of the pioneers of non-surgical thread lifts back in 1999. In 2020 Dr Rory became the lead trainer for APTOS Threads in the UK, training doctors and plastic surgeons in Manchester and London. Being the lead APTOS trainer, Dr Rory has performed the highest number of APTOS Thread lifts in the U.K. including body threads.

Who is suitable for APTOS and what are there benefits?

APTOS threads are a great option for patients who are concerned with signs of ageing but are not yet candidates for surgical facelift or who would like a less invasive, treatment option. Besides lifting, threads improve skin tone, texture, colour and hydration and are also a popular treatment for younger clients looking to enhance their facial contours.

You can learn more about APTOS threads in the video above.

Which areas can be treated?

  • Sagging jowls
  • Redefining the jawline
  • Lifting the marionette lines and mouth corners
  • Redefining and lifting the cheeks and nasolabial folds
  • Correcting facial asymmetry from Bells’ Palsy or after a Stroke.
  • Tightening and lifting the upper neck
  • Nose tip lifting and reshaping, non-surgical rhinoplasty
  • Breast lifting

What does the treatment involve?

The exact areas to be treated along with the realist outcome achievable with APTOS threads will be discussed at length with Dr Rory at your face-to-face initial consultation.

Insertion of APTOS threads underneath your skin in the jawline and cheek areas. The effect is ‘lifting’ of sagging connective tissue and fat tissue underneath the skin. During your treatment, local anaesthetic is used to help minimise discomfort. Once inserted, APTOS threads stimulate collagen and elastin, holding the skin and subdermal fat tissue in place after repositioning the tissues. This new collagen produced by the threads is predominantly Type 1, or healthy collagen, not Type 3 collagen which is scar tissue. This new collagen can remain for many months after the threads have been completely reabsorbed, allowing the results of the treatment to often last more than 2 years.

How long do APTOS threads last?

APTOS Threads contain both Polycaprolactone (PLLA) and Polycaprolactone (PCL) which are both well known and effective collagen stimulators with long lasting results. The threads are bio-compatible and are completely broken down and reasorbed by the body over a 12 to 18 month period, much longer than other threads available such as PDO and Silhouette Soft.

APTOS threads are available in many different forms to allow us to customise your treatment dependant on your needs. This allows us to treat a wider range of clients and conditions than previously with other threads, such as PDO and Silhouette Soft.

The latest generation of APTOS EXCELLENCE VISAGE threads now also contain hyaluronic acid (HA). This further increases the collagen stimulation as well as reducing inflammation following thread insertion, thus reducing pain and swelling. The difference between other threads, such as PDO and Silhouette Soft, is that the threads are much longer, with multidirectional barbs along the whole length of the suture (190mm), allowing various insertion patterns to gain maximal fixation of the tissues either in the face or neck.

APTOS have also developed the VITIS and NANO SPRING threads which can be used more superficially for what is known as ‘armouring’ of the tissues, specifically targeted the superficial skin in the face, neck and body to induce collagen and elastin, helping to correct fine lines and wrinkles and generally improving skin quality.

The APTOS SPRING threads are designed to work as a ‘spring’ allowing fixation in mobile parts of the face, lifting and supporting the tissues long term. They are ideal for use around the mouth to lift mouth corners and nasolabial folds as well as used for nose tip lifting and brow lifting.Dr Rory often uses a combination of the APTOS threads to create a bespoke and personalised treatment tailored to your needs to create natural, but long-lasting results.

What is the typical downtime?

Some discomfort may be experienced during the treatment, pain & tenderness may occur at the injection sites or along the tract of the thread for up to 2 weeks post treatment. With any treatment, bruising of the treated area may occur.

What can’t you do after the treatment and for how long?

Your face will feel numb and your mouth may be asymmetrical for a few hours post-treatment, similar to that of dental injections. Please refrain from chewing and drinking hot liquids until your face has regained full sensation. Healing may be delayed by smoking. Appropriate sun protection is very important (SPF 50 is advised). Do not open the mouth wide and do not have routine dental treatment for at least 4 weeks after the treatment. Avoid taking aspirin for 7 days after the treatment unless it is prescribed for a medical reason. Avoid extreme temperatures (sauna, etc.) and exercise for 7 days after the treatment. Avoid having other cosmetic treatment for 14 days after the treatment.

Who cannot have the treatment?

If you are considering having a thread lift, please book a consultation so that we can advise if you are a suitable candidate for threads as this is on a case by case basis at Dr Rory’s discretion, we will advise on the best options for you.

APTOS Threads prices:

Prices start from £750 up to £3000 depending on area and number of threads used. At your APTOS Threads consultation in our Poole clinic, Dr Rory will explore your concerns and suggest suitable areas for treatment.

Middle and Lower Face Lift from £2500

Neck lift from £1800

Complete Face Lift: Brow, middle and lower face from £2999

Complete Face and Neck Lift: Brow, middle and lower face and neck from £2999

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