What is Cool Laser?

The Cool Laser technology has been developed over 40 years from the pioneers of laser Asclepion. It shot to fame as being the LA go to treatment for the Kardashians by the likes of Simon Orion, treating stretch marks and skin rejuvenation. Cool Laser really us the go to treatment For skin tightening!

The Cool Laser delivered by our state of the art Dermablate® laser will not only help with unwanted skin conditions and signs of ageing, quickly and efficiently, but also, by using a series of light pulses, it kicks starts the process of developing new collagen and stimulates cell repair, helping the skin condition to be a thing of the past and leaving you with totally transformed new skin.

Due to the nature of the Cool Laser and lack of damage to the surrounding tissue (typically caused by the heat generated by traditional lasers) this treatment doesn’t require a patch test.

With its revolutionary short pulse duration, the Cool Laser can deliver clinically significant results lasting up to 1 year.

Cool Laser treatment options:

  • A Full Face treatment – up to 5 days healing
  • Full Face, Neck and Décolletage treatment – up to 5 days healing
  • Hollywood Peel – up to 2 days healing
  • Eye Brightening and Tightening Treatment with Hollywood Peel – up to 5 days healing

Which areas can be treated with Cool Laser?

There are a wide variety of areas that can be successfully treated with the Cool Laser Treatment. Including:

  • Fine Lines & Deep Wrinkles
  • Skin Tightening & Lifting on Face, Neck and Décolletage area
  • Minimises Pores & Scars
  • Reduces Dark Circles
  • Sun Damaged & Aged Skin
  • Pigmentation & Freckles
  • All Types of Acne Scaring
  • Stretchmark Reduction
  • Mole & Skin Tag Removal
  • Non surgical Lip Plumping

What does Cool Laser involve?

For facial treatments for rejuventation, skin tightening or pigmentation, the skin will be cleansed and a local anaesthetic may be used in sensitive areas, although many patients find this isn’t necessary. The pulse is moved over the area and there is a clicking noise as it fires. The sensation is one of mild sunburn.

For scarring and stretch marks the laser pulse is moved across the area being treated and depending on the severity one or two passes may be needed.

For skin tag or benign growth removal the laser pulse is more focused and the unwanted spot is vaporised. This would be done with a local anaesthetic.

How many treatments are needed?

It will depend on the area being treated. Moles and skin tags should be a single treatment whereas scars and stretch marks may require up to 5 repeat treatments. Skin rejuvenation and eye treatments may require 1-3 treatments depending on the condition of the skin.

How often should I have the treatment?

Treatments will usually be 4-6 weeks apart. Results vary on the treatment option and some will not

What is the downtime following the treatment?

There may be some redness and a feeling of mild sunburn in the area that’s been treated that should subside within a few hours. The redness may take 1-5 days to disappear depending on the individual. The skin may feel sensitive to touch and it’s advised to avoid using make up or touching it unnecessarily for 24 hours. After a facial rejuvenation treatment there may be mild crusting and skin peeling after a few days. Keeping the skin well hydrated and moisturised is advised as well as using an SPF30 or above with a 5 star UVA rating. We always recommend SPF50.

Is the treatment safe? Laser treatments have been used for many years and if done by a trained professional are safe. The Cool Laser, as it only targets the water in the skin is considered safer than many other forms of laser. The laser has been developed over 40 years in a collaboration between Karl Zeiss and Asclepion and is a mainstay treatment of Dr Jason Emer in Beverley Hills and other well known doctors.

Who can and cannot have the treatment?

It is suitable for people with mild to moderate skin wrinkling and laxity. Unlike many laser treatments the Cool Laser can be used on all skin colours.

The treatment should not be done on pregnant women and may not be suitable for people with epilepsy, thyroid conditions, diabetes or those who are having radiotherapy, have cancer or blood coagulation issues.

How much does Cool Laser cost?

Prices will depend on the area being treated. Introductory prices from:

  • Skin Tightening Per Area from £300
  • Skin Tightening 1 Area Package (3 sessions) from £599
  • Stretchmarks Per Area £399
  • Scar Lightening Per Area £800
  • Dark Under Eye Circles £600
  • Individual Sun Spots £225
  • Light Peel (Introductory Price) from £150
  • Skin Resurfacing (Introductory Price) from £700
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Neck Tightening with Cool Laser available at rkb aesthetics
Neck Tightening with Cool Laser available at rkb aesthetics
Neck Tightening with Cool Laser available at rkb aesthetics
Skin Resurfacing with Cool Laser available at rkb aesthetics
Skin Tightening with Cool Laser available at rkb aesthetics
Stretch mark treatment with Cool Laser available at rkb aesthetics