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With the increasing popularity of aesthetic treatments, it’s important to visit a qualified medical professional to obtain safe and effective treatment results. Unfortunately, some unqualified or inexperienced practitioners may leave clients with asymmetrical results or an over-filled appearance.

Bad injectable techniques can leave you looking “fake”. To end up with desired results, your injector must use the appropriate products in the right areas, customised to your unique features. Unfortunately, inexperienced injectors can make certain aesthetic mistakes that create a “botched” look or other unsatisfactory results. Here are 4 common reasons why this happens.

  1. Over-injection directly in the area of concern
    Good results require an eye for aesthetics—the ability to examine your features and understand how injection in one area will change the balance throughout the rest of your face. This is more complex than treating one area at a time. If you visit an injector because of one area that’s bothering you, they should consider the balance of your facial features, and consider all possibilities for achieving your desired look.
  2. Focusing on one or two features, rather than correcting overall volume loss with filler
    Similar to over-injecting in the area of concern, it’s key that your injector consider overall volume loss rather than focusing only on certain areas. Because aging occurs throughout the face, all features should be considered in relation to one another to achieve a natural look with injectables. Rather than focusing on each wrinkle and line, fillers are sometimes best used to reverse aging by building up volume to refresh key facial areas that contribute to your youthful appearance.
  3. Trying to get surgical-level results with injectables
    Excess loose skin or certain issues like jowling and deep marionette folds cannot always be satisfactorily treated with dermal filler or Botox-type neuromodulators, and may require a surgical or advanced non-surgical procedure. In these cases, your practitioner consult with you on the full range of options, and what outcomes you can expect from each.
  1. Using the wrong injectable product
    It’s the injector, and not the product, that influences your results the most. But you do want your injector to choose the right products for the area they are addressing! There are numerous filler products for a reason: each has been developed to deliver the right amount of flexibility and/or cohesivity for specific areas of the face.

If you’ve received a bad result, the most important next step is to find an injector who can evaluate the cause of the problem and help you correct it.

  • Training & Qualifications: Choose either a qualified doctor who performs the injections themselves, or a physician assistant or registered nurse who offers injectables under the direction of a registered doctor. Either way, confirm they have undergone specialty training in correction of dermal filler results.
  • Experience: The best injectors have had the chance to learn from experience, through years of regularly treating patients. Ask how many injections they perform each month, and, even more importantly, what their experience is correcting poor results from other injectors.

  • Style: Make sure that you like the injector’s sense of aesthetics, or style. Your injector should have numerous before and after photos taken of previous patients either on their website, social media accounts, or in their office. Look for patients that resemble you in the “before” photos and reflect an outcome you like in the “after” photos.

Whether you received too much filler, the filler appears lumpy and does not improve with massage, or your results simply don’t look right, we may be able to use the enzyme hyaluronidase to dissolve the filler if you received dermal filler injections with a hyaluronic acid-based product, such as Juvéderm® and Restylane®.

Artful reinjection can give you an excellent result. Expert injectors will be able to handle reinjections artfully, achieving an excellent aesthetic outcome in many cases. Even if we are not able to dissolve your existing filler or change your neuromodulator injections, there are artful ways to use filler and BOTOX® to adjust the overall contour and draw attention to certain areas of your face.

Dr Rory is highly skilled at correcting undesirable results and can offer clients a treatment that looks as natural as they’d hoped. He has helped many clients with injectables correction, using advanced correction techniques. While your particular treatment plan will be unique based on what you want, there are many techniques to enhance your features, rebuild volume, and ultimately help you look like your best self.

Prices will vary. Please book a consultation to discuss your treatment goals.

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