Obagi ZO Skincare systems

Obagi’s medical skin care systems are some of the most effective hyperpigmentation, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging treatments on the market. This world-renowned brand has one of the highest rates of efficacy, so you know the treatments you choose are going to work. Dermatologists around the world recommend Obagi products to their patients to treat a variety of skin concerns.

About Obagi

Since 1988, Obagi skin care has offered condition-specific treatments to gently yet effectively target your biggest skin concerns. Using high quality, clinically proven ingredients and technologies that are backed by science, this line of products works to help you achieve the results you want. Obagi products are designed to help minimize the appearance of premature aging, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, acne, sun damage and more. The line also includes prescription-strength formulas that are only available from doctors.

How does Obagi work?

Obagi is most effective when all of the products are used together in a system. The Obagi products work in conjunction with each other and have the best results when used as a complete regimen. Expect changes in skin at the beginning. The Obagi products contain active ingredients that transform your skin like retinol, vitamin-c, arbutin, Lactic acid, L-ascorbic acid and more. Our customer care team can help you build a regimen that fits your needs.

What are the best Obagi products?

Determining the best Obagi product for you is dependent on your major skin concerns. Are you looking to improve dark spots, clear up acne and blemishes, reduce fine lines and wrinkles or create firmer, smoother skin? Each Obagi system offers unique products specifically formulated with the right active ingredients to address your skin’s needs

What does Obagi Nu-Derm System do?

Improve dark spots, hyperpigmentation, melasma and other forms of discoloration with the Obagi Nu-Derm system. This skin care routine uses professional-grade lightening ingredients to inhibit melanin production, the substance responsible for controlling pigment in the skin. The result is a more even, radiant skin tone. With regular use of this comprehensive skin care system, you’ll achieve brighter, smoother and more youthful-looking skin.